Don’t get us wrong, we love turkey and chicken but all too often it ends up dry and tasteless instead of juicy and succulent.  We want every aspect of your holiday party to be delicious so we’ve rounded up four tasty centerpieces to bring something a little different to your holiday table this year.

1. Festive Salmon Parcel. There’s usually so much food on offer during the holidays that it’s nice to opt for a lighter option every now and again. This Festive Salmon Parcel still tastes incredibly moreish but using filo pastry ensures it’s not too heavy. The extra crispy top is another bonus!

2. Persian Squash and Pistachio Roast. All too often the vegetarian option of the holidays can be a little lackluster to say the least. This Persian squash and pistachio roast will leave even the most die-hard meat eater asking for a slice. What’s more, it tastes great the next day too.

3. Slow-Cooked Venison. If you usually opt for red meat during the holiday season, venison is a great choice to offer your guests something they may not have tasted before. It also contains more protein than other red meat so it sates the appetite well and is rich in iron and B vitamins. Try slow cooking to ensure the meat is tender.

4. Glazed Ham With Blackberry Sauce. A glazed ham is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The shank is already a relatively lean cut, but you can choose a smoked one to reduce the fat content further.  We love the idea of saving some of this fruity blackberry glaze to use as a sauce when serving.

Do you have a favorite main dish for the holiday season? Share it in the comments!