This Friday we’ve rounded up some of our past autumn recipe favorites from the Empowered Fitness Blog. Everything from soups to spreads, breakfast bowls to burrito bowls. Check out our list of five fall favorites below!

Autumn Baked Apple Bowl. This recipe is one of our own. What says fall more than baked apples? This is a great breakfast or for when you have a craving for something on the sweet side. Pure vanilla powder is used in this recipe and is great to have around to add to any breakfasts for a pop of flavor.

Rainbow Carrots With Sage Brown Butter. The perfect side dish for fall, this recipe takes roasted carrots to the next level. The small amount of sage brown butter is just enough to add some warmth. Using rainbow heirloom carrots, this dish is colorful to boot!

Savory Burrito Bowl. Fall always makes us think of savory filling food. And what else could fit the bill better on the coast then Mexican? This recipe has all the elements of a tasty Mexican-inspired meal while still staying lean.

Pumpkin Protein Frosting. Ok ok, this recipe isn’t actually frosting. But it is a delicious, creamy spread that works on everything from apples to rice cakes. So whip some up and keep it in a mason jar in the fridge!

Barley and Lentil Soup. What could be more comforting than soup on a cold autumn day? This barley and lentil concoction is perfect for vegetarians and beyond, if you add some turkey to the pot.

Do you have a favorite fall recipe? Share it in the comments!