Burgers are probably one of the few dishes we can all agree on are an All-American meal. Good for entertaining or making with friends, and easy to put together. The problem is, many of them are loaded with not-so-healthy ingredients. Read on for some healthy burger recipes to try.

  1. Apple Turkey Burger. These burgers use brown rice instead of breadcrumbs, proving how easy it is to make subtle substitutions to power up your healthy dishes. The apple and turkey combination makes this recipe a fall favorite!
  1. Black Bean Beet Burgers. Say that five times fast! The ingredients in this burger really pack a punch, including powerhouse grain quinoa, which makes this burger super plant protein packed along with the black beans and walnuts. Beets give it an interesting twist as well. Who said vegetables had to be boring?
  1. Quick Tuna Burgers. A light and healthy burger choice. Try it on a whole wheat English muffin to get more bang for your carbohydrate BLOCKS.
  1. Oven Sweet Potato Fries. So, what goes with these burgers? Here’s a bonus: a healthy version of french fries, these oven baked sweet potato versions have minimal oil but the oven’s high heat gives them the crisp you’re used to. We’d recommend switching out canola oil for olive or coconut oil instead.

A few tips to keep your burger even lighter: using Greek yogurt in place of mayo, whole wheat breadcrumbs, not white – this also goes for the bun used. And also be careful about the portion size of your cheese if you decide to add any as a topping! Share if you’ve tried any of these recipes in the comments.