Mason jars are a compact way to store your meals and a practical choice for taking them to work. This is especially true for salads, which usually get soggy in no time in a regular container. These recipes are no fuss and no spill – not to mention a chance for everyone to envy your creativity. A quart wide mouth mason jar will work for all of these recipes. Try these healthy mason jar meals for your next lunch.

  1. Chicken salad with strawberry vinaigrette. Super sweet and tangy, the beets and strawberry in this combine amazingly well with the neutral taste of the chicken.
  2. Mexican Mason Jar All the flavor and none of the guilt of a real taco is the best thing about this recipe. Plus, the colors are beautifully arranged! Sure to inspire food envy from your colleagues.
  3. Cobb Salad in a Jar. This salad doesn’t sacrifice any taste. Being thoughtful about the ingredients used makes this a great alternative to the original heavy blue cheese and bacon-filled recipe.
  4. Chicken, Vegetable and bean soup. A hearty cross between a soup and stew, this tastes fresh but is still filling. A good dish to prepare using rotisserie chicken so you don’t spend too much time prepping.
  5. Fruity oatmeal breakfast to go. Try this breakfast recipe as a bonus, just in case you’re rushing in the morning. Mason jars aren’t just for lunch!


Try these easy mason jar recipes for work or anytime you have to eat on the go. Do you have any recipes you’d like to try in a mason jar? Then leave your feedback in the comments!