It’s possible to keep your grocery bill low while eating healthy. All you need to do is plan ahead and be more conscious of what you’re buying in the supermarket. Making more meals at home and in bulk is the main way to reduce costs, so let these healthy, low-cost recipes inspire you!

  1. Turkey and Black Bean Burrito. Lean ground turkey can easily be bought in bulk. This burrito recipe is full of flavor and will leave you feeling full despite all the ingredients being healthy and light. Add some eggs to the mix and these make great on the go breakfasts! Freeze the burritos and reheat when needed.
  2. Brown rice Greek Salad. Brown rice is sold in large bags, and there are numerous delicious ways to prepare it. This Greek-inspired salad is a fully balanced meal on its own.
  3. Chicken Spinach Stir Fry. Frozen vegetables reduce a lot of waste since you don’t have to use all at once, and this recipe makes delicious use of frozen spinach. This dish can also be frozen once cooked so it’ll stay good for weeks!
  4. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats. Another healthy whole grain that’s sold in bulk, oats make up this vegan dish, which has a kick from protein-filled peanut butter. There are also no added refined sugars, which make this extra “sweet” on your waistline.
  5. Creamy Broccoli Spinach Soup. Yes, yogurt in soup! Nonfat Greek yogurt is an awesome low cost multitasker. You can use it for breakfasts, but a unique twist is using it to add creaminess to this, or any soup recipe!

It doesn’t have to be impossible to eat healthy while on a budget. Using these recipes can help spark your creativity, while keeping spending to a minimum! Do you have any tips on how to save money while eating healthy? Share in the comments!