Entertaining guests might sound like a good excuse to ditch your healthy eating plans, but there’s no need! But just like in our appetizer post, we can use get togethers as a time to continue with flavors that not only taste good, but are better for you. Here are some delicious low sugar cocktails to try at your next gathering.


  1. Coconut Gin and Tonic.Using naturally sweet coconut water means you don’t add any sugar to this recipe. The creative twist on a G+T is sure to impress.
  2. Dark and Stormy. Spicy ginger gives you a boost in this version of the classic cocktail. It uses homemade ginger syrup instead of store-bought ginger beer, which means you can reduce the amount of sugar consumed.
  3. Sparkling Sangria. Sangria is actually one of the better cocktails you can make due to the fruit that it contains. Seltzer water – all the flavor, none of the calories – is the key ingredient to making this zingy drink low impact, high flavor.

Entertaining while staying on track can be done, it just takes a few slight changes to your normal routine. Try these cocktail recipes at your next party and give your feedback in the comments!