Appetizers double as a start to your meal or a healthy way to serve party guests or visiting friends and family. If you’re entertaining these healthy mini appetizer dishes help you stick to your eating plan. Your guests will be blown away!

  1. Skinny Southwest Chicken Dip. The rich taste of greek yogurt, a healthy fat, gives this versatile dish its filling feeling. It’s also packed full of colorful veggies.
  2. The Greatest Deviled Eggs. These protein packed eggs can be made a day before you need them. Especially a hit with children, they’re sure to be gobbled up by your guests.
  3. Pistachio and Pear Guacamole Guacamole is always a favorite, no matter the occasion. This unique version gets its tang and crunch from pears, and the pistachio rounds out the green goodness of the dish. Perfect with whole grain pita chips.
  4. Six layer Mexican pinwheels. Another Mexican style recipe, this indulgent bite size burrito-like dish tastes so flavorful you won’t know the difference! The protein in the beans is sure to keep you full for a while.

Appetizers are a great way add variety to a meal without eating too much in one sitting. Have you made any healthy appetizers lately? Share in the comments!