Good carbohydrates are one of the building BLOCKS of every meal, and help to make sure you don’t feel tired or lack energy so you can stick to your healthy eating regime. Whole grains keep you feeling fuller and are easy to substitute in recipes that you already enjoy. Try a few of these for your next lunch or dinner.


  1. Black Bean Quinoa Salad With Chipotle Steak. This recipe hits the spot, with whole grain quinoa and good fat from the avocado. It’s also a good use for any leftover steak you have around the house. Who says salads have to be boring!
  2. Tofu Rice Bowl. Craving a filling, vegetarian meal? The peanut butter in this recipe is a healthier fat, and it uses whole grain brown rice instead of white, making it much better for you than takeout Chinese.
  3. Vegetarian Flatbread. Easy to make and a good way to get family involved with healthy eating, these whole grain flatbreads with hummus, arugula, goat cheese, and almonds pack a protein punch from the cheese and hummus. Sure to be a hit with kids and adults.
  4. Asian Quinoa Salad. Another way to use high protein grain quinoa is in this recipe, which takes only 30 minutes to prepare. The sweet, spicy crunchy dish is filling as well thanks to all the veggie carbohydrates and the nut butters in the dressing.

Remember, whole grains don’t have to be boring. Throw some wild rice in a salad or use buckwheat noodles next time you do a stir-fry. Happy cooking!