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Not all fats are equal. The GetLean Challenge challenge focuses on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can be found in foods like avocados and walnuts. The not so good fats, saturated fat and trans fat, are found in foods like ice cream and fried foods. Saturated fat, when found in certain foods like butter, cheese, and eggs, are fine in moderation. But trans fats are pretty bad across the board. Below is a list of 5 sources of healthy fats that will help you succeed during the GetLean Challenge!

  1. Almonds. These nuts are an awesome source of healthy fat and also come in a nut butter form, yum! Almonds are good to sprinkle over cottage cheese with fruit or even blend into your smoothie. Just keep in mind that almond milk isn’t necessarily the best form of this nut to enjoy the fat benefits because it contains so much water.
  2. Sunflower seeds. I remember these being really popular as a kid, with the shells constantly underfoot at the lunch tables. Guess what, your beloved childhood snack is also a source of healthy fat! Enjoy a tablespoon of these per block of fat.
  3. Olives. Yes, these are a fat. And what a wondrous fat they are! My family likes to eat them straight out of the jar, but for more civilized folk I suggest sprinkling them over a salad or adding them to black beans, shredded cheese, and diced chicken breast for a quick, Mexican-inspired meal.
  4. Cashews. I have to admit, these are my favorite. They are less distinct in flavor than an almond, which means you can add them to a variety of things without overpowering other flavors. Try sautéing veggies in a teaspoon of coconut cream and a tablespoon of cashew butter. Delicious!
  5. Chia seeds. We already have a post dedicated to this superfood, but it doesn’t hurt to mention them again! Check out five ways to eat chia seeds here. (link post:

What’s your favorite healthy fat? Tell us in the comments!

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The content of this post was originally published May 2015.