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Eating alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Sometimes we eat unhealthy foods or skip eating altogether instead of cooking for one. It can also be difficult to find inspiration for solo meals when we are eating four meals instead of three on the GetLean Challenge! Well, no longer. Below is a delectable list of five healthy meals for one that you can make in a snap!

  1. Pesto Tuna Salad With Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Who said tuna had to be boring? This delightful, Mediterranean-inspired tuna salad is so easy to do but definitely breaks up the humdrum of office lunches. Use it as your protein for a leafy green salad or in a wrap. Just watch the mayo, make sure it stays within your fat BLOCKS.
  2. Healthy Burrito Bowl. Skip the heavy Chipotle and throw together this easy meal instead! With all of the Mexican flavors you crave without the fat and carb overload, it’s the perfect filling meal for one.
  3. Carrot Cake Smoothie. Carrot juice is mainstream by now, but what about carrot smoothies? This yummy recipe uses a date for sweetness, genius! Make sure you add in some greek yogurt for your protein BLOCKS, or find a way to add it on the side.
  4. Spicy Korean Pork Wraps. This recipe is easy to do if you plan ahead. It needs to marinate overnight, but the result is seriously tasty! Skip the rice and stick to the lettuce wrap with a few added veggies if you’d prefer a fruit dessert instead.
  5. Zesty Cottage Cheese Salad. This recipe is simple yet effective. A savory cottage cheese salad that you can personalize any way you like! Use your favorite spices to dress it up, cottage cheese is the perfect base for all sorts of flavors.

Do you have a favorite meal for one? Share it in the comments!

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