heart iceIce cube trays are so inexpensive and have a million uses. Lately we have been on a kick about saving time (and money) in the kitchen, all while eating delicious food, so when we came across these ingenious ideas we knew we had to write a post! Check out our 5 favorite food prep hacks using ice cube trays below.


  1. Lemon juice. Have you ever bought a big bag of lemons (or limes) and realized a week or so later there was no way you would be able to use them all before they went bad? It happens to the best of us. A great way to rectify the situation is to squeeze out all the excess lemons and freeze the juice in ice cube trays! They will stay good for quite a while and are easy to add to your next recipe without any effort on your part. We also recommend popping them in your water or iced tea next time it’s warm out!
  2. Herbs in olive oil. Using fresh herbs in recipes is great, but what do you do with the rest if you buy a whole carton? Well, we’ve got the hack for you! Take that leftover sage and freeze it with some olive oil in ice cube trays. Tada, pre-made seasoning cubes for your next italian culinary masterpiece! Check out this article to find out which herbs freeze best.
  3. White wine. There have been so many times where we open a bottle of wine, especially white wine, during an evening with friends and don’t finish it. Instead of having to pour it down the drain a week later, try transferring it to ice cube trays and keeping it in the freezer! You will never be without when you need a bit of wine for your next stovetop seafood recipe.
  4. Egg whites. The pre-separated egg whites that come in a carton can be expensive and sorting them by hand every time gets pretty tedious. When you see a deal on eggs, buy a few cartons and separate out all the whites. Then store them in the freezer in an ice cube tray (about 1 egg white per tray) and you will have enough for weeks! Just make sure you thaw them out naturally , don’t try to speed it up in the microwave, because they will cook.
  5. Greek yogurt. Ah, the eternal smoothie struggle. Add greek yogurt, then ice cubes. Realize it is way too watery. Repeat. Why not combine the two? Pour greek yogurt into an ice cube tray and store in the freezer so it’s ready for your next smoothie. Deliciously creamy AND cold, it’s as easy as that!

Do you have a neat-o ice cube tray hack? Share it in the comments!