The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it feels like we are getting a bit of a break from the El Nino weather! In honor of this unseasonably light weather, we have compiled a list of five of our favorite past food blogs with recipes that feature fresh ingredients!

  1. Low Fat Mango Lassi. We love trying new foods, and the Indian mango lassi is the ultimate combo of sweet and savory! Our low fat version contains almost 10 grams of protein per serving. It’s a great accompaniment to any meal.
  2. Salad In A Jar. Making healthy salads for lunch can be difficult if you don’t buy them pre-packaged. Who hasn’t had a Tupperware of oily dressing spill on their pants once or twice? Salad In A Jar is the solution to those messy, homemade salad problems and can be safely made the night before without worrying about wilt.
  3. Turkey Bacon Broccoli Frittata. Frittatas are a great option for any meal! This dish is both easy to cook and easy to save for leftovers. But many can be overloaded with cheese and greasy meat, decreasing the health benefits. We’ve cut the cheese and used turkey bacon, so you can eat this frittata knowing it’s doing more for your health.
  4. Frozen Yogurt Dots. Warm weather snacks can be hard to keep healthy. Whether you are grabbing some potato chips for your walk to the beach or an ice cream from the corner store on the way home, the calories add up. We’ve found a yummy alternative that comes in bite-sized pieces and is a frozen treat to boot! They are also a great way to get those picky eaters some more protein in their diet.
  5. Chickpea Spring Salad. Who doesn’t have a can of chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, hanging out in the back of their pantry? Well, now is your chance to use them! This dish is great because you can switch out the other ingredients depending on your preferences and what’s in your fridge. Don’t like tomatoes? Add a red pepper. Forgot to buy a cucumber? How about some kale. This recipe is all about the substitutions!