The holiday season means traveling for many of us. Whether you are going to visit family or going on a tropical cruise, eating healthy while on vacation can be difficult. We’ve compiled five tips to help you make food and fitness choices that will give you more energy on the road!

  1. Hydrate Like A Champ. Water is the substance that makes up the majority of our bodies, so when you are in a dehydrating situation, like on an airplane, you need to drink up! The best way to make sure you get enough water on your flight is to bring it on with you. Buying bottled water in the airport is super expensive, so bring your own (empty, of course!) and fill it up at the water fountain.
  2. Stakeout Your Workout Space. Creating a space where you can workout each day is a great way to establish routine in a new place. Whether it’s a yoga mat in the corner of your hotel room or a particular running route near your parent’s house, having a regular fitness location where you can focus on just that will help you stick to your regime!
  3. Empty The Mini-Bar. But not in the way you think! You can ask the hotel staff to empty the mini-bar before you even get there, meaning you won’t be tempted by all the salty and sweet goodies in there. It also allows you to fill it with healthy breakfast items or quick eats that you can bring with you on the go.
  4. Don’t Take The Elevator. This one might seem silly, but it can make a big difference if you only use the stairs for a whole week! If things get too hectic and you miss a workout day, skipping the elevator will give you a cardio booster. And don’t forget to walk whenever and wherever you can!
  5. One Meal At A Time. The most important thing to remember on vacation is to take it one meal at a time. If you had an decadent brunch don’t feel bad for the rest of the day!