It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is a day to spend time with family, cook until you drop, and eat enough turkey to fall asleep at the dinner table. But all of that delicious food can come with a price! There’s a reason getting fit is one of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions; the holiday season often means not enough time to exercise and too much rich food. So, we have chosen three healthier versions of Thanksgiving recipes that everyone will love!

  1. Whipped Cauliflower with Creme Fraiche. Mashed potatoes is one of the most iconic thanksgiving staples, but we have just one word: butter. Some of the most famous recipes call for half a pound of butter to every pound of potatoes. That is a LOT of butter! The amount of carbs per serving is also quite high due to the potatoes. So, we have chosen this delicious cauliflower mash recipe! No butter to be seen, but still deliciously creamy thanks to the addition of creme fraiche. Your guests will be licking their plates! (link: )
  2. Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Sage Brown Butter. Speaking of butter, in moderation it adds the appropriate savory element to your Thanksgiving dinner. We love these rainbow carrots because they add a beautiful pop of color to the dinner table. With just a drizzle of sage brown butter, they are a tasty veggie to share with friends and family on Turkey Day!
  3. Quinoa & Kale Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Adding pork or beef to the table in addition to the turkey can be a lot of meat for anyone to eat, not to mention the vegetarians won’t have a substantial main dish option. Try this quinoa and kale stuffed mushroom recipe! With just a sprinkle of melted goat cheese on top, it’s an equally healthy and satisfying dish that many a Thanksgiving guest will devour!

Have a favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipe? Share it in the comments!