At Empowered Fitness we know how hard it can be to prepare something healthy for every meal from scratch! With everything going on in our lives these days, who has the time to sift through a cookbook or even a google search that delivers pages upon pages of cooking blogs? That’s why we have compiled this list of videos! An increasingly popular source of quick recipes, Tip Hero has over 57 videos on their youtube channel so far. A lot of their videos feature recipes that make enough for a number of meals, which is great for those of us who only have time to cook on the weekends. We’ve chosen five of their healthiest videos, all with recipe demonstrations under one minute!


  1. Amazing Omelet Muffins. This is an easy way to make your breakfast for an entire week! All your protein in one place, just pop it in the microwave and supplement with some carbs.
  2. Stuffed Pepper Soup. Pepper, beef, and spices oh my! This straightforward soup is chock full of protein and flavor. Pop it on the stove for a cold autumn evening. 
  3. Mason Jar Eggs. Need a quick meal but don’t have any meat or protein sources at home? Try this cool trick to make egg patties! Easy to insert into any sandwich or wrap. 

  4. One Pan Mexican Quinoa. What a delicious take on quinoa! To make sure you have enough protein add some shredded chicken or tofu to the mix. This is a great meal to cook at the beginning of the week and use for lunches. 

  5. Portabella Veggie Burgers. These delectable burgers will make you feel like a true foodie! Whip up an entire batch and freeze for a quick meal anytime. 


Do you have a favorite quick recipe video? Share it in the comments!