Welcome to the GetLean Challenge Diaries! This blog series follows one GLC participant during the inaugural Challenge this fall. Carmen’s GetLean Challenge journey will be accompanied by delicious recipes and helpful nutrition tips that are GLC-approved!

It’s over! I can’t believe how fast the Get Lean Challenge went! It’s been a great experience and I learned a lot about how to improve my eating habits and maintain a healthy balance. AND I’ve lost more than 8 pounds! Wahoo! After experiencing it first hand, I think the GetLean Challenge is a supportive and helpful program that teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle. What I really liked about it was that I was still able to eat things I liked but within reason. The BLOCK system was a simple and straightforward way to figure out my meals. By the end of the program I could prepare my staple foods from memory!

GetLean Challenge Awards NightCarmen at the GetLean Challenge Awards Night

As a part of the GLC I cut out all processed foods, particularly sugar, out of my diet. After a few days of cravings, I found that I didn’t want junk food as often. By the end of the GetLean Challenge I didn’t feel the temptation at all. At the end of my last day I decided to have one of my favorite treats, ice cream, but I couldn’t even finish it, it tasted too sweet! It’s amazing how much your taste buds can change in one month.

After a month of great results, I’m planning to continue with the GetLean Challenge principles to improve my health and fitness over the long term. This program is not only about weight loss but also about feeling better and that has definitely been the case for me. Being able to purchase a new pair of jeans that were a size smaller was so invigorating, but having more energy and positivity in my day-to-day life was an even bigger improvement. 

One of the things that really helped me succeed from the beginning was the support of the trainers. The very first time I walked through the doors of Empowered Fitness everyone was so welcoming. Weekly weigh-ins were encouraging rather than daunting and the EF team always answered any questions I had!

I am looking forward to continuing my journey towards a healthier me. I am so grateful for the jumpstart the GetLean Challenge has given me, it has pushed me in a way that I have struggled for years to do on my own. I will continue to use everything I learned in this program and can’t wait to see continued results!

Congratulations on your success Carmen!

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