Welcome to the GetLean Challenge Diaries! This blog series follows one GLC participant during the inaugural Challenge this fall. Carmen’s GetLean Challenge journey will be accompanied by delicious recipes and helpful nutrition tips that are GLC-approved!

It’s the end of week one and I’m feeling pretty good! I went in for my measurements this past weekend and lost a couple of pounds, which is awesome. But this week hasn’t just been about the weight loss. I feel like I have a better outlook on eating and I feel better in my clothes, meaning they are not tight or constrained. Both of these things feel like real progress!

I went to a strength and stretch class on Wednesday and I felt pretty intimidated walking in. But once the class started the trainer made me feel very comfortable. She was very encouraging and showed me how to do the exercises correctly. I also wasn’t pressured to do anything I couldn’t do. I really liked the supportive environment and am looking forward to trying more classes this month.

The GetLean Challenge has been very educational for me so far. I now notice how much extra I was eating before the challenge. It’s been a wakeup call to realize what my actual portion sizes are supposed to be. I also used to put a lot of extra things on my food like salt and sugar to make it taste better. But I know that all those extra additives just contributed to my unhealthy eating. Since starting the GLC I’m not craving as much sugar and salt, which is definitely good!

Below is a list of five ways you can spice up your food without adding extra sugar, fat, or sodium!

Five Ways To Spice Up Your Life

  1. Smoked Paprika. With a richer, more savory flavor than regular paprika, this spice is a good accompaniment for most meats. It can also make vegetables more exciting! Try out this kale salad made with smoked paprika.
  2. Vanilla Powder. Want to sweeten up your food without sugar? Vanilla powder is much more versatile than vanilla extract and can be used for pretty much anything! Try sprinkling it over fruit, in your morning oatmeal, or mix it with some herbal tea. Yum!
  3. Saffron. This fancy spice might cost a pretty penny but a little goes a long way. Try using it to liven up your roast chicken. Not only will it taste more exciting but the spice pigments any food an enticing shade of golden red.
  4. Dill. Interested in tanging up your veggies? Fresh dill is a delicious way to complicate your vegetable dishes. Dill and Greek yogurt also make a satisfying yet low fat dip for raw carrot sticks, celery, or broccoli.
  5. Pumpkin Pie Spice. Ok, this is technically more than one spice but it can be used for more than pie! We like to use this spice mixture for sweet potatoes, like this recipe. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite spice? Share in the comments!


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