Everyone gets into eating habits that are based on just that, habit, not health. Sometimes we eat certain portion sizes because it’s what we have always done, but in reality what we think is enough is too much and what we think is too much is not enough! We measure our meals in the GetLean Challenge BLOCKS. How many BLOCKS you get in a meal depends on a variety of factors unique to every individual, but you can guesstimate 2 BLOCKS of Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates for a snack, 3 BLOCKS for the average adult woman’s meal and 4 to 5 BLOCKS for the average adult male’s meal. Hold onto your hats, below is a list of common foods with their real recommended portion sizes!

  1. Flaky Fish. Sea bass, sole, cod, and tilapia are all flaky fishes that make for a delicious dinner. Most meats are 1 oz. per BLOCK, but all of these fish and more get 1.5 oz. per BLOCK! So pick up a filet this weekend for a family barbecue and check out this tutorial for perfectly grilled fish.
  2. Avocado. Who doesn’t love digging into a big bowl of guacamole? Many of us think of guacamole as a healthy dip option that is very high in good fats. But this actually means that a little goes a long way! One BLOCK of avocado is ½ a tablespoon. That means the guacamole that one big chip can hold is a whole third of your fat for a meal! Try cutting your guacamole with greek yogurt to make it go further.
  3. Salad greens. Salad may be known in pop culture as the ultimate diet food, but the tiny portions that most people eat to try to lose weight are actually hurting rather than helping! While one BLOCK of most fruits and vegetables is a cup, salad greens get a whopping 3 cups per BLOCK! So don’t skimp on the salad, and try something new while you’re at it! There are some delicious strawberries in season right now and this salad shows them off like no other.

Did any of these portion sizes surprise you? Share in the comments!

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