Sugar is one of the most addictive foods out there, some studies say it can be even more addictive than some drugs. One of the focuses of our GetLean Challenge is to help those who struggle with processed sugar break out of the craving cycle and teach their bodies a new way of interacting with food. Good news is, the Getlean Challenge still includes fruits, peanut butter, nuts, and spices to give a variety of sweeter flavors without the processed sugar! Check out our list of four sweet-er treats below that won’t get you craving a donut or a bowl of ice cream.

  1. Peanut Butter and Banana Tortilla. Say buh-bye to jam and jelly, this delectable sandwich is to the rescue! Take a fajita-sized whole wheat tortilla and spread it with peanut butter. Heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave to get the peanut butter nice and gooey and add thin slices of banana on top. Tada!
  2. Apple Pie Almonds. Grab 20 almonds and 2 teaspoons of apple pie spice (make your own here) and shake them up together in a Ziploc bag. The grooves in the almonds will catch all the spices and take your almonds to a whole other level! Mix them in with your morning granola or eat them alone for an injection of healthy and delicious fats into any meal.
  3. Raspberry Yogurt Delight. Heat a ½ cup of frozen raspberries for 25 seconds or until slightly defrosted. Toss them into a bowl of low fat Greek yogurt and use the back of your spoon to mush the raspberries in with the yogurt. The small berry pieces will separate while staying frozen, making for a colorful and tasty treat!
  4. Chocolate Cashew Milk Smoothie. Cashew Milk is the new nut milk on the scene! With a sweeter, richer taste than almond milk, it is the perfect ingredient to make a sugar free dessert smoothie. Add in some cacao powder and voila, all your chocolate needs are met! Get the recipe here.

How do you satiate your sweet tooth without processed sugar? Share in the comments!

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