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Bread can be one of the hardest things to master in our daily eating habits. Sandwiches might be the quickest thing you can make for lunch, but how many carbs are in that bread anyway? And how many carbs are too many? During the GetLean Challenge we show you that each block of carbs is 11g and most main meals have three to five blocks. Bread isn’t bad in moderation, but a lot of breads are carb overload. We have chosen five breads that are healthy, nutritionally balanced options for your everyday meals!


  1. Dave’s Killer Bread, 21 Grains 60 Cal. Dave’s Killer Bread is a great brand with lots of healthy, natural goodness in there. This particular type is only 12g of carbs per slice, so you can have your sandwich and some fruit or veggies on the side without going over your carbs! Try it with your favorite nut butter and sliced banana for a sweet afternoon snack.
  2. Ezekiel Whole Grain Pocket Bread. Although this brand is known for their sprouted wheat bread, which might not be up everyone’s alley, their twist on pita bread is deeeelicious! With 21 carbs per serving, stuff that bad boy with tomatoes, feta, and your choice of deli meat for a delicious and nutritious lunch.
  3. Back to Nature Sesame Seed Rice Thin Crackers. 15 crackers in each serving? Sign me up! With 24 grams of carbs, that’s just two blocks of a meal. Sometimes cheese and crackers can be a healthy AND a yummy snack.
  4. Kashi 7 Grain Waffles. Ok ok, waffles aren’t technically bread but they are one of those carby breakfast items that a lot of people crave! Diets will nix waffles and pancakes altogether, but the GoLean Challenge focuses on eating healthy and balanced without jumpstarting your cravings. These waffles have 12g of carbohydrates per waffle, so have two and top them with your favorite berries!
  5. Dempster’s Ancient Grains Tortilla. These tortillas are your healthier option for Taco Tuesdays. More filling than white flour, these give you more With 15g of carbs per tortilla, take two!

Have a favorite healthy bread? Share in the comments!

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