The blender! That fancy kitchen appliance you swore to use everyday to make super healthy smoothies that is now relegated to the back corner of your cupboard. Well, it’s time to dust that baby off! Here are five things you can do with your blender that go beyond smoothies and shakes.

  1. Salsa. Using a blender to make salsa at home gives you that smooth restaurant-style texture. This recipe has a great mixture of herbs and spices for a bit of a kick. (link:
  2. Green Eggs and Ham. Want to give the kids a Dr. Seuss-themed surprise on a Saturday morning? Try this quick trick for blending kale and eggs to make a fun and healthy weekend breakfast! (link:
  3. Salad Dressing. Try this avocado-based salad dressing for a fresh and creamy twist. A great source of healthy fats! (link:
  4. Gluten-free Pizza Crust. Say what? Cauliflower is the ultimate gluten-free pizza crust and your blender is the easiest way to make it. Even those who can eat bread will enjoy it! Find the tutorial here. (link:
  5. Homemade Nutella. This snack spread is probably the most addicting of all, but it has quite a bit of sugar mixed in with those hazelnuts. Make your own Nutella at home without the processed sugar. Your health and your sweet tooth will thank you! (link:

What do you like to make in your blender? Share your favorite recipes in the comments!