Everyone who has dealt with an injury, sports related or otherwise, knows how frustrating it can be. Whether it takes you 5x longer to put on your socks or you can’t pick up anything heavier than a water bottle, when simple endeavors become difficult you can often feel like the more lively activities you used to enjoy are out of your reach. That’s exactly the situation Stephanie found herself in after she thought she had reached her peak fitness.

After facing a tricky pregnancy with twins, Stephanie decided to get back in shape and started to run. A close friend became her running buddy, and whether Stephanie could run 1 mile or 5, she found someone who supported her in her journey towards a healthy lifestyle. She started to train for the Half Moon Bay Marathon and never looked back.

A few years later Stephanie wanted to do something that would celebrate her age, not denigrate it. She decided to once again train for a race, the SF Half Marathon. This was a course she had run a few years previously and she felt confident that she would ace it once again.

During the race Stephanie’s hip started to hurt. She thought she just didn’t do enough hill training, but the pain didn’t let up after the race. In the following days Stephanie developed a severe case of plantar fasciitis. Having sharp pain even doing simple things like walking around the house, she felt like her age might have caught up to her after all.

In part two we will find out how Stephanie came to exercise again with Empowered Fitness, despite her injury, and found a community that would support her not only in her fitness challenges but anything that came her way in life.