Mackenzie Empowered Success Part 1

Have you ever wished you could lose weight on vacation? In our first Empowered Success blog, we hear the story of Mackenzie, a young professional who needed to break her bad college eating habits before her trip to Italy and her subsequent wedding.

At her peak Mackenzie weighed more than 200 pounds. A high intensity university program led to a cycle of stress eating and a serious lack of exercising. In the middle of her master’s degree, Mackenzie decided to make a change. She started by cutting out the worst offenders (soda was the first) and getting outside more often with her dog. She went on to try Paleo and even went through a juicing phase! But after a year of gradually losing inches, Mackenzie stalled out. Months went by without any change, and she felt like she would never kick her stress eating habits completely.

In April 2015, after four months without success, Mackenzie was ready to do something drastic. She would be leaving a month later for a trip to Italy to visit her fiancé and wanted to see some change, especially because they happen to be getting married later this summer! With a goal of losing at least 10 pounds, she signed up for the TakeDown Challenge at Empowered Fitness. Already familiar with Empowered Fitness in her community, she was looking forward to their holistic nutrition and fitness approach to getting healthy but wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. After trying a number of different diets with minimal results, would their TakeDown Challenge really work for her?

Find out how Mackenzie not only thrived during the TakeDown Challenge but went on to lose weight on vacation in Italy in part two of this Empowered Success blog!