Raise your hand if you think it’s a pain to peel multiple cloves of garlic! And how do you really know if eggs have gone bad without cracking them open? Well, never fear! We have chosen 5 helpful hacks that will cut down on your time and hassle in the kitchen. And who couldn’t use some more time? Check out the tips below!

  1. Peeling Garlic. Though garlic gives a wonderful burst of flavor in everything from pasta to omelets, it can take a long time to prepare as an ingredient. Especially if you are cooking for multiple people! Check out the video below for how to peel that garlic without even looking at a knife.


  1. Covering Leftovers. How many times have you ripped the tin foil or gotten tangled in the plastic wrap and had to repackage your leftovers again? A cheap plastic shower cap is all you need! Not to mention they are reusable, which is much better for the environment and your wallet.


  1. Cutting an Avocado. The traditional way of scooping out the flesh of an avocado leaves so much healthy fat behind! Don’t let the most nutritious part of the avocado go to waste, learn how to use the entire fruit in this video!


  1. Bad Eggs. There is no way to tell if a whole egg is bad just by looking at it, so most of us risk the rotten sulfur smell to crack it open and check. Not anymore! All you need is a glass of ice water to test those eggs that have been hanging out in your refrigerator for a few weeks.


  1. Slicing Cherry Tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are a delicious addition to any salad, but cutting them can be a pain. Who wants to cut enough of these for an entire family one by one? Try sandwiching them between two plastic lids to cut ten at once!


Do you have a good kitchen hack? Share yours in the comments!