Don’t know about you, but we might have nightmares about that creamed spinach from childhood for a long time to come. It seems like in the American food culture we are taught from a young age that vegetables are a tasteless but necessary part of our diet. Now, we all know that isn’t true, but some of us still might have aversions to that one vegetable whose taste and texture was ruined by being boiled within an inch of its life all those years ago. This Friday’s post is all about some of those problem vegetables and how to prepare them so that their flavor and texture is the star of your meal!

  1. Cauliflower. Ah, cauliflower. Broccoli’s albino cousin. This vegetable often gets a bad rap for being tasteless yet leaving a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. The best way to boost the flavor while masking that bitterness it to make mashed cauliflower! An amazing alternative to mashed potatoes, adding some garlic and butter to this vegetable works wonders!
  2. Radishes. Who truly loves radishes? Crunchy and spicy with a very particular taste, this brightly colored veggie is often relegated to the side of the salad bowl or forgotten in the crisper. Well, this recipe will change all of that! Homemade radish chips are an amazing alternative to potato chips, with less carbs and starch. All sorts of spices go well on radish chips, as their flavor becomes milder with roasting, but this recipe features curry, turmeric, and paprika. Yum!
  3. Tomatoes. This one might be controversial, but a lot of people can’t stand the texture of tomatoes; even as adults. So, for all of you out there who are tomato-averse, a few bread crumbs and a sprinkle of parmesan could change your outlook completely. Try this recipe for delicious roasted tomatoes!
  4. Cabbage. In the intro we may have been talking about cabbage. Boiled cabbage can be very unfortunate, not to mention slimy, if not done right. Well, who ever thought that cabbage could be put on the barbecue?! With a touch of soy sauce, this blah veggie is turned into the perfect accompaniment to those sausages and burgers you are grilling up on Fourth of July. Try it now!
  5. Parsnips. We aren’t really sure what to say about parsnips exactly. A root vegetable related to carrots, this vegetable can have a decent taste but often feels mealy no matter what you try. That is, until you make it into hummus! Parsnips actually have a much creamier texture than carrots, which means they don’t hold up the same way when sautéed, roasted, or boiled. Turning them into a flavorful dip is a very delicious solution!

Have a problem vegetable that you overcame? Tell us your story in the comments!