We are so excited for our upcoming TakeDown Challenge here at Empowered Fitness! Here is a sample of the at-home exercises that we include in your intro binder. This one is perfect for the beautiful weather we have been having!

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail is perfect for this workout because every time you get to a bench you can perform a short exercise set and then move along to the next bench! If you are going out for longer you can do 1 exercise per bench (you’ll arrive at more benches!) If your time is short or benches are scarce, try doing 2-3 exercises per bench! The key is to keep moving and if you can do more reps, great, if you need to do less, no problem! Keep working at them!

Start with a warm-up pace walk, jog or run for about 10 minutes. After this find the next bench you come to and perform the exercises listed.

Keep your heart rate moving! We have written each exercise to include “regression” options. Regression means you can take that exercise to a more basic, simple and good “level 1” version. This is a stroller and dog friendly workout!


1. 30 Stepping lunges: alternate legs, chest high, you can use back of bench for support if needed. Regression: 15 static lunges R, then L then repeat. Strengthens glutes, quads and hamstrings.

2. 10-30 push-ups: Hands on the seat of the bench (work until you can’t do any more! Its OK to rest!) Regression: Do the push ups from the back rest of the bench. Strengthens chest, abs and triceps.

3. 30-50 Squats: Count them out in 10s. Strengthens glutes, quads and hamstrings.

4. 10-30 Dips: (off the seat of the bench.) Your butt stays close to the bench, your hands are on the bench with your fingertips facing your bottom. Lower down, bending at the elbows until your upper arms are parallel with the ground and push yourself back up. Strengthens triceps! Keep shoulders away from ears!

5. 10-30 Plank Tucks: hands on the bench seat, body back in a straight line, core engaged. Alternate tucking knees towards chest 1 leg at a time maintaining good core stability and keeping hips low and steady. Regression: do the plank, skip the tucks and count to 30!

Now you can run through that circuit at each bench 2x ea. (rest 1 minute in between sets) OR find more benches and repeat the list! This is even more fun with a friend!

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