Hello Empowered Fitness Fans! Today we are going to go over an easy lunch staple, the Salad In A Jar. Making healthy salads for lunch can be difficult if you don’t buy them pre-packaged. Who hasn’t had a Tupperware of oily dressing spill on their pants once or twice? And then the next time you try to put the dressing on the salad before you leave the house, but everything just ends up soggy! Salad In A Jar is the solution to these messy problems and can be safely made the night before. Below is an explanation of how it works and a framework recipe!

saladinajarrecipeOne serving

1 1/2 tablespoon of EVOO
1 teaspoon of Balsamic Vinegar
5 cherry tomatoes
1 medium carrot, sliced
1/3 of a cucumber, sliced
1/2 a cup of cubed chicken breast (cooked)
1 cup of romaine lettuce
1 tablespoon of crumbled feta cheese
salt to taste

Pro Tip: If you don’t like any of the above listed ingredients, switch them out! Salad In A Jar is all about getting creative. Just make sure that when you put the ingredients in the jar that anything easily wilted goes on top.



  1. Mix the EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of salt in the bottom of a quart-sized mason jar.
  2. Pile the tomatoes, cucumber, and carrot on the bottom of the jar, in that order.
  3. Add the chicken breast on top of the carrots. Shake the jar slightly from side to side to settle the ingredients.
  4. Now, put the cup of lettuce on top of the chicken. You might need to compact the lettuce with your fingers to make everything fit.
  5. Sprinkle your feta on top. Securely close the top on your mason jar.
  6. Once you get to work, pop your jar in the refrigerator. When you are ready to eat, pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix with the help of your fork. Enjoy!


Like the Salad In A Jar idea? Tell us what ingredients you added in the comments!