Mike Inglis
CEO, Empowered Fitness, Inc.

Mike brings over 25 years of business, technical, and management experience to ensure that we make the Empowered Fitness experience the best it can possibly be for our clients. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and is a life-long athlete having competed in both Football and Track & Field at the collegiate level as well as playing competitive volleyball for over 22 years. He is incredibly excited and inspired to be a part of this special journey that truly has the power to transform peoples' lives!


Diana Inglis
President, Empowered Fitness Inc.

Diana has been inspiring people to take hold of their lives through health and fitness for over 25 years. Her passion is helping people to realize that they are much stronger and more powerful than they ever thought they could be. Diana graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Cal Poly SLO and is ACE and AFAA certified. She has been working in the fitness and wellness industry throughout her entire career and is extremely dedicated to YOUR success!

The Crew

  • Jennifer Dill
    Lead Fitness Trainer

    Being physically active has always been the cornerstone of Jennifer's physical and mental well being. However, it was not until her husband Franz began running ultramarathons did she realize that the human body is capable of so much more than what most people give it credit for. This inspired Jennifer to obtain her ACE Personal Trainer certification so that she can help other's realize their true potential!

  • Christian Mendieta
    Fitness Trainer
    Christian always knew he wanted a job where he can make a difference.  Ten amazing years in the Marine Corps were great but it was time to serve his local community.  When he rediscovered himself after jumping headfirst into marathon running, he realized he wanted something where he can consistently work with the same people through health and fitness.  Shortly after finding his calling, he received his Kinesiology B.S. from San Francisco State University.  As an ACE certified instructor, Christian wants nothing more than to be a part of a tight community that helps everyone be the best version of themselves through great programming and an emphasis on safety and fun.  Empowered Fitness could not be a better fit!  Christian's favorite component of fitness is pure unadulterated strength.  He currently splits his active time between barbell work, getting his High Intensity Interval Training on, walking dogs, and forever running.
  • Katie Howell
    Executive Assistant

    Katie is the glue that keeps many of our day-to-day operations together and running smoothly. And even more importantly, she brings an enthusiasm and cheerfulness that puts everyone else at ease.  Graduating with a business degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, her efficiency and detail-oriented nature has made her an essential and valued part of Empowered Fitness.

  • Lisa Parral
    Executive Administrator - Pacifica

    A marketing program manager by profession, Lisa loves environments where she can channel a resourceful energy into tangible pursuits to improve lives. Lisa feels right at home at Empowered Fitness where she is the Executive administrator in Pacifica and the Project lead for the GetLean Challenge. Lisa strives to nurture healthy habits for her family and friends. With two younger siblings and mother, who passed away prematurely due to health complications that could have been avoided with lifestyle changes, she knows why it’s key to make her health and fitness a top priority. As project lead for the Get Lean Challenge, Lisa brings empathy and knowledge from her own struggles to work on behaviors that have long-lasting impact. As a long-timer EF client prior to joining the team, she is grateful to spend her time with so many like-minded warriors.

  • Audrey Price
    Fitness Trainer

    Being active is something that is second nature for Audrey. Growing up in South Florida  she spent many days on the water kayaking, water skiing, diving. However, adventure doesn't stop there. She fell in love with the sport of wall climbing in a local gym and loved climbing for leisure and competitively for years to come, indoor and out! She also enjoys running fun races that include anything with mud and obstacles! For her downtime she likes to hike, practice yoga, and spend time on the beach with her energetic toddler. It's no surprise that she's a natural fit to the fitness industry.

  • Brittany Huff
    Fitness Trainer
  • Heidi Cain
    Events Coordinator

    Being in the right place at the right time...Heidi discovered Empowered Fitness while out on a bike ride and knew quickly knew this was a place she wanted to be a part of. Heidi is our Events Coordinator and loves planning and organizing fun monthly community events. While Heidi loves working out she is also a big advocate for raising money for cancer awareness and recently completed a 200 mile bike ride for breast cancer.  If Heidi is not out hiking, paddleboarding or doing yoga, she is cruising at 37,000 feet as a flight attendant for American Airlines. Heidi is a fun, enthusiastic person who encourages all to live life to the fullest.

  • Kimm Ronberg
    Fitness Trainer

    Although active most of her adult life, Kimm didn't get "serious" about fitness until her late 30's, and when the fire of fitness was stoked, there was no stopping her! For the first 25 years of her working life, she was in consulting sales because she loved the idea of establishing and maintaining relationships. She loves working with people and helping them figure out how to get where they want to be! Not wanting to go back into the corporate world, she was inspired to get her Ace Personal trainer certification along with becoming a TakeDown Challenge /Lifestyle nutrition coach. She feels lucky to have found a job where she gets to do what she loves to do - combining fitness and helping others. When she’s not at the EF studio, you will find her "over the hill" in San Mateo, taking care of her loves, her family and dog, and doing anything she can do outside.

  • Kristen Hansen
    Director of Nutrition Programs

    Kristen brings a passion for Empowered Fitness's mission, as well as a strong background in marketing and business strategy, to the team. Prior to joining EF, she co-founded a company in San Francisco that focused on delivering integrated wellness programs to tech companies, working with clients like Google, Zynga, and Twitter. She has studied extensively how to maximize health and well-being, learning from experts in fitness, nutrition, Traditional Chinese medicine, and leadership development. Kristen graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Spanish from UCLA and is an ACE-certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She loves being a part of the EF team that is so committed to helping others achieve their own success!

  • Julie Johnson
    Fitness Trainer

    Julie was born and raised in El Granada. Health and fitness have always been important to her not only for herself, but sharing her love for fitness with friends and family.  With a husband and 2 girls as key parts of her life, she's determined to be that positive role model for all of them!

    Julie has been with Empowered Fitness almost since we opened as a client and recently became a class trainer.  Julie is currently studying through A.C.E. for her Personal Training certification. Julie is also a part of our Nutrition Team and helps, supports and inspires our clients every day on their fitness and nutrition journey.  She enjoys spending her time walking her 3 dogs, running along the trails with her girls, working out and helping others succeed!

  • Matthew Adams
    Technical Lead

    Matthew grew up exploring nature by bike; to this day his favorite pastime is filling a hydration pack and disappearing into the forest for a few hours on two wheels. During high school he found a passion for racing downhill mountain bikes and eventually started competing professionally. Racing was rough on his body and injuries left him double thinking his choice of career paths. After a serious knee injury and surgery he decided to take a step back and rethink his future. He began researching careers in fitness, eventually earning an NASM Personal Training Certification. Matthew found Empowered Fitness by a stroke of luck, and knew it would be a great fit. He loves getting the opportunity to help so many awesome people to achieve and even surpass their fitness goals and become better than they ever thought they could be.

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