Cherry TomatoesLets talk about farmer’s markets! There’s nothing better than being able to shop a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables all grown locally by producers you trust. Smelling, touching and tasting as you choose which seasonal favorites to take home really is grocery shopping at its best. Read on for more ideas with a farm to table fresh food approach!

Although most of us have got used to eating them all year round, tomatoes are inherently a summer fruit. As the season progresses look out for bigger fruit like the beefsteak tomato and heirloom tomato. Until then, go for cherry and grape varieties – they are bred to ripen a little earlier and will be at their best very soon!

When shopping, choose brightly colored fruits without any wrinkling to the skin and don’t forget to store them at room temperature. A cold tomato is a tasteless tomato!

Here are five ways to use this small but delicious fruit.

  1. Rosemary Trout With Cherry Tomato Sauce. Unlike your usual tomato sauce this one is kept fresh by leaving the tomatoes raw. Just chop them and mix with some shallot, balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a new way to dress fish. A fresh, fast and fuss-free meal.
  1. Red Quinoa with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, and Poached Eggs. Red quinoa has a slightly stronger flavor and a little more bite than white quinoa, but if you can’t find it white is almost the same from a nutritional point of view. Let it absorb the flavor of ripe cherry tomatoes in this warm salad with red onion, spinach and poached egg.
  1. Pasta With Swordfish And Cherry Tomato Sauce. Fresh tomato sauce gets a luxury makeover with the addition of some succulent swordfish. Some golden raisins and a few pine nuts enhance this dish even further. Any kind of short pasta will work but substitute cauliflower rice if you are trying to cut out grains entirely.
  1. Polenta Tart with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. When you need a showstopper of a recipe for your summer dinner table, or an impressive recipe to take to a cookout, this is it. Intensify the flavor of cherry tomatoes by roasting and serve on a polenta tart base.
  1. Cherry Tomato and Chile Gazpacho. Healthy, vegetarian and full of the summery taste of cherry tomatoes, we just love this slightly spicy gazpacho recipe. You can throw together this chilled soup in the time it takes to blend together the ingredients, but it’ll taste better if you let it rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

What are you favorite recipes with cherry tomatoes? Tell us in the comments below!